CypherMonk Zero

CypherMonk Zero

Chapter: First Contact
Attribute: Cypher Purple
Attribute: Black Shades
Attribute: Grey Frock Classic

Rarity: Medallion of Cardano
Chapter: First Contact
Policy ID: 3cb979ba9d8d618acc88fb716e97782469f04727d5ba8b428a9a9258


Every CypherMonks collection is known as a Chapter. Each chapter is associated with a single policy ID on the blockchain and should always be validated. This means all NFTs minted in a chapter share the same policy ID. Each CypherMonk NFT contains a unique set of attributes and some contain what is known as a Rarity. A rarity is an attribute possessed by fewer than 11 CypherMonks across all chapters. Every CypherMonk NFT is designed and created by hand, no algorithms will ever be used. Click here to learn more!

CypherMonk Zero is an Exclusive, a single-policy NFT, meaning it is the only NFT to be minted in the chapter First Contact (which is the earliest chapter containing a CypherMonk and effectively “chapter zero”). His very existance could be considered a rarity, however he possesses the coveted Medallion of Cardano rarity, which he wears religiously with stoic pride.

CypherMonk Zero introduces CypherMonks to the world and the forthcoming release of the first chapter of CypherMonks, set to be minted and announced in October 2021.

On September 12, 2021 in celebration of the Alonzo HFC event, CypherMonk Zero will go up for sale as we usher in the Goguen Era together!

Auction Close Update (Sep 18, 2021, 6 PM UTC)

Congratulations to our winner addr!

If you did not share an email or reddit username with us, please DM Ülla on Reddit at username: thebreathofatree – If you did share a valid email/reddit username, you’ll hear from us via either or thebreathofatree (for reddit). Anyone else is a fake.

NOTE: If we are unable to make contact within 72 hours from the auction close, we will reach out to the next highest bidder.


If you’re interested in purchasing this exclusive single-policy NFT, you are welcome to place a bid using the form on this page!

  1. Enter a valid Cardano public address where you would like the NFT sent to, should you win. – This WILL be publicly visible after moderation.
  2. Enter your Bid in ADA (Example: 10 ADA) – This WILL be publicly visible after moderation.
  3. Enter a valid email (can be a throw away!) where we can contact you if you win, with instructions on completing the sale. Alternatively (if you don’t want to dabble in the dark arts of email…we understand we are also cypherpunks obsessed with privacy!) you may enter your Reddit username and we will contact you via Reddit from Ülla’s user account “thebreathofatree” – Any email or reddit username will be kept private.
  4. At 6 PM UTC Septmber 18 2021, precisely, no further bids will be considered and the form will be disabled. The highest bid received on or before this time will be considered the winner! All bids show up as Comments and display date and timestamps from when the bid was placed (not moderated).
  5. We will contact the winner via email provided, from our protonmail account “” with instructions on how to complete the sale. (If you used your Reddit username as an alternative to email, we will contact you from “thebreathofatree” on Reddit.)
  6. In the event we are unable to successfully sell to the highest bidder, we’ll contact the next highest, and so on.

    WARNING: We will only contact you from this email account or the above mentioned Reddit account! Any other is a scam.


  • You must use the same Cardano address you entered along with your winning bid. This is to ensure that the winning bidder receives their NFT and it can be verified publicly to protect everyone and everyone’s reputation, including ours!
  • We will only contact you from our “” email address! Anyone else is a fake. This is to ensure no email spoofing or similar dns type attacks can be used to masquerade as us or our domain. (If you used your Reddit username as an alternative to email, we will contact you from “thebreathofatree” on Reddit.)
  • We are working on a smart contract to complete the final sale and expect to have it ready and tested before the cut-off time mentioned above. This contract will be shared publicly once the winning buyer is determined and the contract can only be fulfilled by them, to ensure only they are able to complete the sale.

There is no minimum bid, we are really just here to have fun and build community as we create the CypherMonks journey and share it with you!

Ülla and Ray

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